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Hildyards of Flintham Hall

Flintham Hall

The patron of the living for Flintham Vicarage was the Hildyards of Flintham Hall.

From the Ecclesiastical Census of 1851 the Rev Charles Myers described the Church at Flintham:
An ancient parish Church (partly rebuilt about 1828 at the expense of the late T.B.T. Hildyard Esq) dedicated to St Augustine. The space available for public worship was about 90 free sittings and 220 other sittings, not including a few movable forms occupied by the Sibthorpe school boys. The remaining questions on attendance and endowments he declined to answer "because I consider these impertinent, at any rate, in the original sense of the word; and because I know not to what use the required information might be put by an unscrupulous ministry."

Sir Robert D'Arcy Hildyard (1744 –1814, 4th Baronet) died without issue and the baronetcy became extinct. The estate passed to his niece and heiress, Anne Catherine Whyte (b 1784) who married, in 1815, Col Thomas Blackbourne Thoroton, Coldstream Guards, of Flintham Hall, Notts. In accordance with the will of Sir Robert, he assumed the surname of Hildyard.

They had eight children.


The eldest son: Thomas Blackbourne Thoroton Hildyard (1821-1888), MP for South Notts 1846-52 and 1860-85, married Ann Margaret Rochfort 1842

Thomas Blackbourne Thoroton Hildyard 1843
Robert Charles Hildyard 1844
Henry John Hildyard 1846
Evelyn Thoroton Hildyard 1851
Edith Mary Hildyard


The second son: Robert D'Arcy Hildyard (1823-1882) married Anna Burne

Robert Maxwell D'Arcy Hildyard
Anne Catherine Hildyard married her cousin (Robert Charles Hildyard)
Mary Hildyard m C. J. Urquhart, 87th Regiment, Irish Fusiliers
Florence Hildyard
Wilhelmina Hildyard m Charles Irwin, 87th Regiment, Irish Fusiliers


The marriages of Mary and Wilhelmina caused a minor scandal. A newspaper at that time reports: "An elopement of two sisters with two captains of the same regiment, quartered near a fashionable watering-place in the south of England, took place a few days ago, and has caused considerable sensation among the residents of that neighbourhood. The young ladies belong to a very good family." In my mind I see Lydia and Kitty Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

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