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Outline Myers Family

The Myers Family History: Outline of Relationships

My name is Cathy Clarke and my maternal grandmother was a Myers. When she died we found many old letters written by her father back to his family in England which describe his struggle to make to make ends meet and raise his three children after his wife died in 1918. The letters fascinated me and I decided to find out more. I had caught the genealogy bug. This website is the results of my research.


Many people have helped me with information but I would especially like to thank Noel Myers and Beau Maurice in New Zealand, David Eckersley-Maslin in England, Connie Pickering Stover in the USA, Ana Gray-Doughty in Australia, and of course my Mum, Pat Thompson, all of whom shared their precious family treasures with me.


Click on the pictures below for links to some of my favourite ancestors or delve deeper using the menu in the top header.

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