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Dunningwell History

Peppercorn Rental Deed, Dunningwell

Peppercorn Rental for Dunningwell

John MYERS (1718-1804) married Elizabeth STABLE 1746

This indenture made the second day of May in the 28th year of the reign of our Sovereign King George the second and in the year of our Lord 1755. Between William Stable of Dunningwell in the Parish of Millom and County of Cumberland. Yeoman of one part and Elizabeth, wife of John Myers of the same place Shoemaker of the other part, witness that the said William Stable for and in consideration of the sum of five shillings of lawful British silver in hand truly paid by the said Elizabeth wife of John Myers before sealing and delivery of the receipts where of the said William Stable doth hereby acknowledge hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto her the said Elizabeth, wife of John Myers, her Executor, Administrator and assigns all that his messuage and tenements , appurtenances situate lying and being within the Parish of Millom aforesaid commonly called and known by the name of Dunningwell , and now in the tenor or occupation of him the said William Stable. And also all that parcel of land situate lying and being in Thwaites in the Parish of Millom, aforesaid commonly called Hall Jugg and now also in the tenure or occupation of him the said William Stable. Together with all and singular the houses, edifices and buildings, land arable, meadows and pastures and all and every, the rights numbers and appurtenances hereunto belonging and the reversion and reversions, remainder and remainders , rents dues and profits there of every part and parcel thereof with the appurtenances. To have and to hold the same rights members and appurtenances unto her the said Elizabeth, the wife of John Myers, her executor , administrator and assigns fron the day before the date hereof for and during and to the full end and term of one whole year from thence next ensuing to be fully completed and ended. Yielding and paying therefore to the said William Stable, his heirs and assigns the yearly rent of one peppercorn upon the feast of St Michael Archangel now next coming of the same be demanded.To the intent that by virtue of these presents, and by force of the statute, for transfering uses into possession she the said Elizabeth wife of John Myers, maybe in the actual possession of all and singular, the said premises above mentioned, with the appurtenances, and maybe thereby enabled to accept, and take a grant and release of the revocation and inheritance thereof to her the said Elizabeth wife of John Myers her heirs and assigns to the only proper use and behalf of her the said Elizabeth wife of John Myers her heirs and assigns for ever. In witness thereof that William Stable to the present indenture set his hand and seal and gave first above written


John MYERS (1711-1795) married Hannah

I am uncertain about the connection between the first two John Myers. I think they were possibly cousins. Elizabeth Stable married John Myers 3 Feb 1746. He was baptised 21 Sept 1718, the son of William Myres of Kirksanton and she was christened 22 Mar 1719 or 22 May 1720 (father was William Stable).

From the Millom parish registers Betty Myers, wife of John Myers of Dunningwell was buried 6 Dec 1803, aged 83. There were two daughters, Mary born 1749, and Elizabeth (1753-1771).
The second John Myers married Hannah but I have been unable to find his birth or marriage. His son was the Rev John Myers (1739-1821) who married Anne Thompson.


Title Deeds

By indenture of settlement dated 14 July 1777, made between Abraham Thompson of Egremont, Cumberland, yeoman and Anne his wife of the one part, and Thomas Mossop of Moorside in the Parish of Gosforth in the County aforesaid, yeoman of the other part.
A freehold messuage and premises and lands in the Parish of Gosforth in the county of Cumberland called "Greystokes", -and a freehold close in Gosforth aforesaid, called Holmes Meadow were conveyed and assured to Thomas Mossop his heirs and assigns.
To the use of Abraham Thompson and Anne his wife for life and after the decease of the survivor, to the use of Mary Clements otherwise Cragg (daughter of the said Abraham Thompson and Anne his wife) and Anne Myers, the wife of the Reverend John Myers (another daughter of the said Abraham Thompson and Anne his wife) for their lives and the life of the survivor, and after the decease of the survivor, then as to a moiety of the property, to the use of Elizabeth Walton and Anne Myers (grand-daughters of the said Abraham Thompson and Anne his wife) as tenants in common; and as to the other moiety of the property to the use of Elizabeth Clements and Isaac Clements, grandchildren of the said Abraham Thompson and Anne his wife as tenants in common;
Clauses for survivorship; And in the case of the death of all of them the said Elizabeth Walton, Anne Myers, Elizabeth Clements, and Isaac Clements before attaining 21 without lawful issue, then to the use of the right heirs of the said Anne the wife of the said Abraham Thompson for ever.


Settlement for John Myers (1764-1831) 21 Feb 1781

By indenture of lease and release of settlement made between John Myers of Dunningwell in Millom in the county of Cumberland, yeoman of the one part, and the Rev John Myers of Edenham in the county of Lincoln, clerk, eldest son and heir apparent of the above named John Myers, of the other part.
After reciting that the hereditament thereinafter described were mortgaged for securing £210 to William Myers of Knot End in Millom, yeoman;- And that John Myers, the father had agreed to convey the same hereditaments to John Myers, the son, for the considerations as after mentioned;-
It was witnessed that in consideration of the natural love and affection which John Myers, the father, had for John Myers, the son, and for his advancement and promotion in the world, and in consideration of John Myers, the son, having agreed to pay off the principal sum of £210 and the other sums after mentioned, John Myers, the father, did grant to John Myers, the son, and to his heirs;
All that his, the said John Myers, the father's, freehold messuage and tenement situate lying and being in the Lordship of Millom in the county of Cumberland, commonly called or known by the name of Dunningwell;- And one close called Long Riggs lying near the same, then in the possession of the said John Myers, the father, his undertenants or assigns, as farmer or farmers thereof.
And all other the freehold messuages, land tenements and hereditaments of him the said John Myers, the father, in the Lordship of Millom aforesaid;
To hold the same unto and to the use of the said John Myers, the son, his heirs and assigns for ever subject to the payment of the £210 to William Myers, and upon trusts be; to keep down the interest on the £210 and pay surplus rents to John Myers, the father, and Hannah his wife for their lives, and on the death of the survivor upon trust that John Myers, the son, should take up at interest £100 1/- and pay same as follows viz;
To David, the son of the Rev David Myers, late of Gretford, Lincs, clerk deceased: the sum of 1/-
To Esther Dixon, wife of John Dixon, Liverpool £10
To Hannah Duggan, wife of Thomas Duggan, Liverpool £10
To Ann Towers, wife of Thomas Towers, Millom £20
To Elizabeth Lewis, wife of William Lewis, London £20
To Mary Myers, daughter of the above named Esther Dixon £40
And after payment thereof and subject thereto and to the £210 in manner aforesaid, then to the only proper use and behoof of the said John Myers, the son, his heirs and assigns for ever.

Dunningwell 1876
Dunningwell estate sale 1944

Roof Rearing Supper at Dunningwell

Through the liberality of C.J Myers Esq an excellent supper was provided on 26 Dec 1876 at the Punch Bowl Inn at The Green, for all hands who are at present, and have been employed upon the erection of the new mansion. At Mr Myers' request the following letter was read:

"Mr Myers regrets that, owing to a severe cold, he is unable to be present at his roof rearing supper tonight. He wishes, however, to inform the workmen who have been employed at the new building at Dunningwell how pleased he is with their general conduct, and the evident pride and care they have taken in their work. To Mr Baines, the builder, he wishes to convey his best thanks for the pains and trouble he has taken to carry out the designs of the architects to the letter, and even in places to exceed the quantities specified, at his own expense, in order that the work should be of superior quality. The very fact of a Clerk of the Works not having being recommended by Messrs Paley & Austin, shews the esteem they have for Mr Baines; and Mr Myers is sure he will never regret having put such faith in him, to say nothing of saving the expense. Mr Baines has the most pleasant way of doing business, and makes himself liked by everyone. That so many of his workmen have stuck to him for years is a proof that he is a good master. The masonry work has been executed under Mr Perkins in an admirable manner, and he has employed men who are not only good workmen, but have stuck to their work admirably; one man in particular Mr Myers has to thank who has scarcely been absent a day. To Mr Nathan Robinson, Mr Myers may say that his thanks are due for his civility and for procuring such excellent wallers and labourers. To everyone present tonight Mr Myers gives hearty welcome, and hopes they will enjoy themselves. He wishes them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. To those who are married Mr Myers wishes the same to their wives and families, and hopes that the husbands will keep home and not spend their Christmas in the public house. In conclusion Mr Myers hopes that the Christmas festivities will not be prolonged, and that he will see the workmen at their places by Wednesday next, ready to go on with their work with increased vigour after their holiday."

After ample justice had been done to the very bountiful repast placed upon the tables by Mr & Mrs Ormandy, in their usual first class style, and after having spent a very enjoyable evening, interspersed with some capital songs and recitations and numerous toasts, the company separated.

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